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escape room secrets

You’re reading these tips because you want some escape room secrets.

We at Locktopia Houston have been open long enough, and playing escape rooms for a number of years, to know a thing or two about solving game puzzles.

Whether you are an escape newbie or total pro, we have compiled seven “rules to play by” escape room secrets that can help you solve any game puzzle.

Some of these Houston escape room secrets have been shared by experienced players who have played our Spellcaster and Antidote rooms.

So you want to feel like an expert next time you tackle an escape room, here are Locktopia Houston’s escape room secrets for tips and tricks (and not the Halloween kind)…


Escape Room Secret 1

If it looks like it opens, try opening it.
Yes, we ask you not to try to break things open, but if you see a drawer that doesn’t look like it has a lock, try it. It might just hide a clue! If it doesn’t open with a little pressure, then you probably need something to open it, but you never know until you try.

Escape Room Secret 2

Your team number does actually matter.
Four to six people is truly your sweet spot for most rooms. Less than four people and you might not have enough perspectives to solve the puzzles. When I meet “teams” they usually have one person whose sole job is to figure out where things go and to look for clues in weird places.

Escape Room Secret 3

Most escape rooms are “one and done.”
Meaning, if you have used a prop one time, then you won’t use it again. We have a room where you do actually use something two times, but we warn people. Want to sounds like a pro? Ask your next Game Master in the control room, “Is this room a one and done?” They will know what your asking (or should).

Escape Room Secret 4

Use your clues wisely!
And YES you should use them! There is nothing worse for a GM who KNOWS you are stuck and wants you to get the puzzle, but you don’t want a clue. So if you get stuck but you think you will get it eventually, then give yourself 5-10 minutes, and then ask for a clue. Escape rooms are SUPPOSED to be hard. If they weren’t you would be bored in 10 minutes. It’s not about using too many clues or not using clues, it’s about using them judiciously.

Escape Room Secret 5

If you see something, say something!
The biggest time killer for most teams who have never done a room before is the person who gets something and then doesn’t tell the room. Most of the time this leads to failure. Because if the person doesn’t share, and it’s an important part of multi-piece puzzle, you aren’t going to get out. So you see something? Say it loud enough the whole group can hear you. Don’t wait until your group is like, “Well if we just had [blank]” and you are like, “Oh, you mean this piece over here?????” This goes double for keys. You find one, but it doesn’t fit where you thought. Have someone else look at it too.

Escape Room Secret 6

Don’t do math unless you are specifically told to do math.
If it has a +,-,x,/ sign and an = they are telling you to do the math. If it’s a string of numbers, it might be a code, it might be a position, it might match another string. Don’t go to math first.

Secret 7

Don’t over think it!
One customer said it best, “If a smart 13 year old couldn’t make the leap of logic, or the math, or whatever your trying to do, you are over thinking it!” Sometimes the answer is right there!


Listen to your kids in the escape room.
Sure, you might think to ask the game master for a hint or clue, but maybe your own children have the answer!

So there you have Locktopia Houston’s escape room secrets. Please share with other escape room player enthusiasts!

If you are looking for more escape game strategy, read this or watch the below video with YouTuber Mark Rober for 10 proven tricks and tips on how to beat any escape room.

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