Alien monster at The Gateway game at Locktopia Escape Room Houston

    Gateway Houston Escape Room

    An International team of scientists have accidentally opened a gateway to the 4th Dimension. (6/10 difficulty)

    Lantern at Endurance escape room in Locktopia Houston

    Endurance Houston Escape Room

    An exclusive Locktopia escape game, based on a true story...In 1914, the brave crew of the Endurance, left England to attempt the first Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Your mission, find the ship! (8/10 difficulty)

    Jeffrey Skull at Locktopia Escape Room Houston

    Spellcaster Houston escape room

    Only you can restore balance to Houston! Failure to do so will allow Dark Raven’s wicked spell to plunge Space City and the world into eternal darkness! Featuring Jeffrey, the giant skull! (6/10 difficulty)

    Antidote Escape Room at Locktopia Houston

    Antidote Houston Escape Room

    You stumble upon a mysterious steampunk influenced retro laboratory in southwest Houston. Inside you discover strange devices and...time travel! (8/10 difficulty)

Are you up for the challenge of Houston’s newest game, Locktopia Escape Room? We have the latest technology, giving you the best gaming experience. $34.50 per player.

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“All the rooms are very well done and executed escape room. I loved that the puzzles are very thought out. Ruby and Alyssa did a great job explaining and being game masters. I have done over 200 escape rooms and would highly recommend for all skill levels. It was just plain FUN. Cannot wait to visit Houston in the future and see any other new rooms they create. I wish this company and the owners and employees the best. Thank you for an amazing time. PS. The game master can be bribed with tasty cookies from next door.” – Mike K

“The decorations, sound effects, and puzzles were all top notch quality. You really get emerged into the story and that’s what makes this place so unique. My engineer husband was very impressed with the entire production and couldn’t stop talking about how cool this place is.” – Monica U.

“With teenagers, it’s getting harder to find activities that we can do as a family without complaints that don’t involve eating or shopping, so this was a great change of pace. We all had a great time working together as a team and are looking forward to going back.” – Kelly D.