Endurance Houston Escape Room

An exclusive Locktopia escape game, based on a true story…

In 1914, the intrepid explorer Ernest Shackleton, and the brave crew of the Endurance, left England to attempt the first Trans-Antarctic Expedition.

On route to Antarctica, the ship was caught in the icy waters of the Weddell Sea and sunk.

After being stranded for more than 16 months, Shackleton and his crew’s return went unnoticed by a world at war. Their tales of heroic survival and strange findings were lost to time.

In October 2002, Captain Henry Furler led an expedition for the National Explorer Association to find Endurance.

In December 2002, Captain Furler sent a report announcing his crew had found the ship Endurance and begun to dig her out.

Captain Furler was never heard from again.

Satellite imagery has found what we believe to be the opening to Captain Furler’s icy tunnel.

Your mission is to enter the ice shaft, find the lost ships, solve the mystery of what happened to the crew and escape!

Endurance escape room - Locktopia Houston


| 1 HOUR


Sir Ernest Shackleton

Endurance shipwreck found in March 2022!

The ship Endurance, which is the basis of Locktopia Houston’s latest escape room game, was found in March of 2022 after sinking 107 years ago. Read more

Scuba Diving Gauges and Compasses at Endurance escape room in Locktopia Houston

Endurance documentary

Fans of Locktopia Houston’s Endurance escape room might want to check out a documentary on the real-life 1914 Ernest Shackleton led Trans-Antarctic expedition. Read more

Birthday & parties / Team building

Birthday parties (kids, teenagers or adults) plus Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties and more!

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“Took a group of 5 boys for my son’s 13th birthday. Most of the boys had never done an escape room. I picked this place (over an hour away) because of the ability to add hints by doing fun stuff. We had to do Macarena and sing happy birthday to get extra hints. All the boys left in smiles and loved the experience. We’ve done quite a few as a family, and Endurance is an amazing multiroom experience. The setup is really immersive. I also love that they don’t charge for younger kiddos. Escape rooms are expensive for a family of 5 and my 6 yr old loves going to them but usually isn’t much help. We are even planning on taking the kiddos tomorrow for our anniversary as a family activity! We really enjoy them and this place is definitely one of my favorites. And there is a great cookie shop next door!”

Rachel M

“We had such fun solving the Endurance Room on our Mom’s Night Out today. The room theme and decor really transport you to another world! Many of us had never done an escape room before, but our hostess Ayah was fantastic and really took her time to explain everything to us so well. Would definitely recommend coming here for a fun time and looking forward to being back again!”

MandS S

“Great fun! This was a first for our family and it was a really great experience! Loved ‘Endurance!’ It was challenging, but good for first-timers. Facilities were really clean. Ayah was really friendly and helpful. We’ll be back!”

Monique N.

“Took family to our first escape room had a blast in the Endurance room. The room itself was extremely well put together and the difficulty was just right for us. And we had help from Ayah who was great at her job, say when we need help she gave us good clues or when something went wrong in the room she new how to fix it. From the good staff to the presentation and difficulty of the puzzle. I can say I’ll be back to try more rooms it was a great experience over all.”

Juan D.

“My family and I have gone to multiple game rooms and by far, one of the best. We did the Endurance room and will definitely come back for the others. Ruby was awesome and a great game host!”

Irma O

“The Endurance Adventure Room was an awesome experience for my wife and I. Alyssa took amazing care of us and was an excellent Game Master, thank you so much!”

Steven K.

“Ruby was AMAZING! She was very helpful and funny. The Endurance room was so fun and the perfect amount of ‘challenging.’ Highly recommend this place.”

Rachel K.

(Michael Ghelfi Studios provides the ambient music of our Houston escape rooms)