Spellcaster Houston escape room

The Houston escape room with the Wizard’s Book of Secrets

Only you can restore balance to Texas in the castle-themed Spellcaster Houston escape room!

Failure to do so will allow Dark Raven’s wicked spell to extinguish the sun, plunging the Space City and the world into eternal darkness!

No pressure. Clutch City time!

Your group of wizards in training must enter the mystical chambers of the great and powerful sorcerer to find the Sacred Crystal of the Ancients.

Once unearthed, you must return this powerful relic to it’s rightful owner.

Don’t let Jeffrey, our giant Spellcaster Houston escape room skull, intimidate you. He’s quickly becoming the Locktopia mascot whether we want him to or not. Try not to build up his ego up anymore.

Harry Potter fans might like our medieval décor. We’re guessing Jeffrey is more team Slytherin than Gryffindor.

Your journey into the Spellcaster escape room will not be easy. Work together to combine your magical powers and focus your wizardry to end his sinister spell!

You control the magic! The fate of Houston and the world lies in your hands in the Spellcaster escape room!


| 1 HOUR


You might want to play Spellcaster if you:

Have never played an escape room, or have only been to one or two.
Love dragons, wands, skulls and potions.
Enjoy very hands on escape room games.
Bring young children to play. There is more they can help with in this room.

“Super fun experience! We’ve done a few escape rooms before, and we enjoyed The Spell Caster room as well. The puzzles were fun and challenging, and Lea was a sweet and helpful game master. We were also impressed at how clean everything was, and we appreciated the private booking setup. Will definitely be back for Antidote!”

Rachel D.

“We had a wonderful time! The staff was very friendly and helpful. The Spellcaster room was just challenging enough for my 13 year old and 10 year old to fully participate. We will definitely be back to try the Antidote room!”

Amy K.

The owner was very friendly and respectful. We did the Spellcaster room because my wife loves Harry Potter so we had to 😁. We booked online, signed waivers and we were set.”

Luis C.