Talk about having to beat the clock. In fact, it’s more than just that. There’s life and death on the line mixed with time traveling in the Antidote escape room at Locktopia! This time, there is no DeLorean going 88 mph needed. Houston doesn’t have zoning laws, but there are just some things we couldn’t get approved.

You are a scientist thrust into a steampunk-influenced retro/sci-fi lab. With no time to spare, you must save a great time-traveling scientist from decades ago in Houston’s past. The secret lies in this laboratory located near the Texas Medical Center. Your mission won’t be easy, you must figure out how to restart the time machine, locate the antidote, and send it back to the past. Time is not on your side. You must move quickly to save her life and our future in the Antidote escape room! The Antidote is the most challenging escape room game at Locktopia.

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