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What really happens in the control room

Control room

How does one create an escape room?

Our rooms were designed by a former Disney employee who made the House of Mouse’s haunted houses.

We loved his thought process on about the “psychology of game play,” and the first thing we did before buying his set ups for Locktopia Houston was to play the rooms.

Yes, we did exactly what each of our customers have to do, we solved the room without any clues or instructions.

So, when we are in the control room helping our guests solve the clues, we know exactly how it felt to be where you are. We know what it is like to get stuck or frustrated. We also know how good it feels to solve something and move on.

So don’t worry. We aren’t judging you, we are rooting for you.

We are down right impressed with how quick you get something, that we did NOT get. In fact, we had one group get into the second room of Spellcaster in under 15 minutes (you know who you are, and yes, you are “The Winners”).

So go ahead, show off. And when you do get stuck on something, relax. We made the rooms to be challenging, otherwise where is the fun?

We are here to help you along the way.

The best game masters have a love of people watching, and a lot of empathy. We enjoy watching you figure it out. We LOVE the teams that “oohhh” or “aaahhh” when they get a puzzle to open, and realize what the logic was.

We have had a game master fall into the computer, face first laughing (okay that was me) because I made a woman jump so high, and then fall on her butt because she was evidently praying to figure out the clue when I spoke over the microphone.

We all laughed so hard we cried. The particular group was so fun that I begged them to come back because I enjoyed them so much. You know who you are “Ladies from Louisiana.”

I think I need to create a behind-the-scenes video for you to see us rooting for you.

While you are sweating it out inside the game, we are in the control room talking to the screen saying:

“You almost have it”
“YES, what she said”
“Listen to the kid, or the lady in the white shirt”

…or whomever it is that we can tell has it, but isn’t communicating it well enough.

I love listening to a high pitched giggle or yell through the wall when somebody gets something right. It’s satisfying when we know you only have three puzzles left and 20 minutes to do them in, and you will get through.

When you struggle, we struggle to make sure we get you clues that make sense to you, because we are not a one size fits all clue shop. We worry when we know you have five minutes left and three puzzles, and want you to get it.

We are your silent cheering squad, so never worry about feeling stupid, just enjoy figuring out the next piece.


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