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Love is in the air at Locktopia Escape Room Houston as couples are getting engaged in the middle of our games! Talk about a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Escape rooms are sweet,
And so is our giant skull Jeffrey.

PROMO CODE: “Valentine” – Just because we love you, 5% off two players or more only on Valentine’s Day.

Everyone can agree Jeffrey’s eyes give off a romantic hue in our Spellcaster room during February especially.

If you want to pop the question to your significant other, contact us, and we can make it a special event. Then, later on if you want to have a gender reveal, we can do that too!

In bigger news, Houston weddings are up too.

The Harris County Clerk’s Office (HCCO) reported in February 2022 the number of marriage licenses issued in 2021 doubled in comparison to 2020 when we were locked down.

That’s compared to 2019 and 2020 when HCCO data shows there was a 110% decrease in the number of marriage licenses issued. Only 15,149 marriage licenses were processed in 2020 compared to the 31,850 granted in 2019.

And you thought browsing dating apps was tough? Swipe left, swipe left!

So let us help you escape the normal dating scene and find your true love. At Locktopia, we don’t throw strangers into the game with you.

Houston first-date spot

Houston dating at Locktopia Escape Room

So, if you are looking for a Houston first-date spot where you have people around, you might be in our rooms alone, but we have game watchers helping and monitoring you every step of the way!

In a Washington Post article, dating coach Laurel House said about escape rooms, “You see how you each respond to stressors, leadership positions or how you handle each other’s fears or successes.”

They have noticed that an escape room game really brings out a person’s true personality. That’s because escape rooms force people to work together under pressure. Does your date show patience? This could help you realize if this is a dating do or dating dud.

Oh, and there won’t be long amounts of awkward silences on this Houston date. No small talk needed if there are some quiet spots. Our escape games will be a fast-paced 60 minutes of adrenaline pumping excitement! (You also know if you don’t like this person, you can always check the timer on the wall to see how long till you can make your escape!)

If that escape love connection is made, then you can create shared memories together. Fast forward ten years, when you are now married with kids, you can look to your loved one and say, “Remember how simple things were when we were trying to defeat Jeffrey in the Spellcaster room?”

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

– a quote people attribute to Plato but he probably didn’t actually say

And whether this is date five or date 500, the Locktopia dress code is whatever you want it to be. No fancy dress or suit and tie required. In fact, we would recommend against it. Dress casually and comfortably, but you can still dress to impress.

Communicating and learning teamwork

If you want more of a group date, then Locktopia Houston can handle that too. Our escape rooms will hold up to eight players at a time.

This group play also works well for business or corporate team building exercises.

Figure out who will be the leader of the group, who will be the best puzzle solver, who will keep track of time and who will sniff out the time wasters.

Activities before and after an escape room

Lucky for you, Locktopia is located in Houston’s Inner Loop 610, so there are other things to do around us.

We have a things to do around Locktopia Houston list.

Michael’s Cookie Jar is located practically next door and Torchy’s Tacos is right across Weslayan Street from us.

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