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Top 10 Locktopia Escape Room questions

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An escape room doesn’t have to to be a total mystery. Here are the Top 10 Locktopia Escape Room Houston questions. We have even more answers on our FAQ.

  1. Are you open?

Yes, we are open. During the pandemic, we are only offering private bookings. No other players will be allowed to join your game. Because of this, we have a minimum charge of TWO people per booking.

  1. Do you have plenty of parking?

Yes, we have plenty of parking around Locktopia. It is also well-lit and close to the front door!

  1. Do you have a party room?

Yes! We have a party room that can be rented separately. Please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a personalized event for your group (even outside of regular business hours). We are happy to accommodate single room private experiences, multiple room events, and team competitions. Private events include exclusive use of the room/rooms.

  1. Are you really locked in an escape room?

No. It is all theater of the mind. The idea of an escape room is to solve a puzzle with a time limit and no other distractions.

  1. Will I be scared?

While escape rooms can also be a favorite pastime for those who like haunted houses, there are no jump scares here. The Spellcaster room does have some skulls, but so do many Houston museums.

  1. Will the escape room physically tire me out?

That depends, do you plan on running in a circle? This is not an episode of “Floor is Lava” or “American Ninja Warrior.” Your mind and thinking skills will be challenged, but if it is too much, we will provide you a chair on the house.

  1. Can children play?

Absolutely! We are the opposite of screen time. Our players start as young as nine years old. We require players ages 9 to 14 be accompanied by an adult that is 18 years or older. Anyone under the age of 18 must have the Waiver and Release of Liability form signed by their parent/legal guardian.

  1. Will adults actually enjoy it?

Of course! Our games are for all ages. We even have couples come in for escape room date nights. There are escape room tourists who tour the globe looking for new escape rooms to play. We say bring it on!

  1. Can groups enjoy an escape room?

Yes. We recommend TEN people at the most. In fact, a person all by themselves might have a problem solving the puzzles! An escape room is an excellent team building or birthday party activity! We even have a party room.

  1. Will a mobile phone help me and can I take photos?

No. Our rooms won’t let you phone a friend, look up something on search engines or ask for hints on social media. No pictures are allowed in the rooms. In fact, you may be asked to leave without a refund if you take photos. We want the game to be mysterious for future guests!

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