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Tips and tricks for booking at Locktopia Escape room

Dragon figure at Spellcaster escape room at Locktopia Houston

Life post pandemic seems to mean more people feel easier about booking ahead, and so we are booking up further in advance that we have for the last two years.

I felt so bad for the family that came in last Saturday to play, with the birthday girl in her tiara and sash, just to tell them that we were completely booked for about six hours. So here are some timing we are now seeing to help you out.

Please remember when you are calling or emailing to book, that escape rooms are like movie theaters. Every room has specific timing so that every group has their hour and we have time to clean and reset the room. We do give a little wiggle room, because of that gnarly Houston traffic. But that means, that even if your birthday celebrant wants to do Spellcaster and they can ONLY be there at 1:30pm to 2:30pm, we can’t move the schedule around to accommodate on the weekends.

However, if you want your party on Thursday at 6pm, and you want to do Spellcaster 10 minutes early or 10 minutes late, we can usually make that work for you.

  •   If you want a prime spot for Saturday you should try to book by Wednesday.  What is a prime spot you ask?  about 2:30 – 6 pm.  As I’m writing this, it’s Thursday morning and there is only 1 spot left in that time frame.
  •  If you want a Saturday spot during a holiday weekend.  Book by the Monday before.  We had about 20 calls on Labor day weekend of people who were from out of town and really wanted to get in, and there was just no room.
  •  If you want a party/meeting package on Saturday.  3 to 4 weeks out.  If you want a specific time, and you want a 2, 3 or 4 room party were everything starts at the same time.  4 to 6 weeks.  We only have 1 spot for those on both Saturday and Sunday, so they fill up the quickest.  
  • Do we still take walk-ins?  Absolutely!  But it’s on a space available basis.  On Saturdays your best bet is before 1 pm, and after 7:30.  Monday – Friday we usually have something, but not always. It’s best to check the website just to see if there are any spots before you drive over.
  • If you only want the escape room and not the party room for your birthday celebration, book for 2 people as soon as you pick a time and room..  We are still private bookings only.  So if you book a room for 2 people we will not fill it up with other people.  You can bring up to 10 people on the day of the event, and just pay for the extra when you get there.  
  • If you are a group of adults who wants everyone to pay separately.  Same.  Book for 2 people, everyone else can pay separately when they arrive.
  • Did you know our waiver link will let you add more people than are booked?  It will even let you add more people than are able to be in one room.  Example, last night we had a 2 room team building event.  15 of the 19 were all waivered in Spellcaster before they arrived.  The remaining 4 people just waivered the Antidote room.  The actual spit of the rooms was 10 in Spellcaster and 9 in Antidote.   So if you book for 2, you can still forward the waiver email you get to everyone in your group and they can do it before they arrive.  The waivers also cover all the rooms for 24 hours.  Thus, if you book a 2 room package it doesn’t matter which of the waivers the participants fill out, as long as they have a waiver!   

Hope this helps you get the exact spot and room that you are looking for!  Our goal is for everyone to have a great experience!

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