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Texas UFOs seen in early 2023

Houston UFO

News reports of Texas UFOs in the beginning of 2023 have hit the airwaves. Texans across the state claim to have seen strange, unidentified flying objects in the day and night skies!

The Locktopia Escape Room Houston staff wonders if the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) sightings are related to our Gateway game.

Could these reports come from scientists accidentally opening “a gateway” to the 4th Dimension in the confines of Locktopia? Book a game to find out!

It goes beyond Houston and Texas too.

A report by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence says the government received more than 350 UFO reports since March 2021.

Houston UFO sightings
UFOs over Houston skies in July 2022?

El Paso Whataburger lights

Back in the Lone Star State, let’s start our Texas UFO journey and head to El Paso. Fast food lovers probably thought “What-a-we-looking-at” when weird lights were over a Whataburger on North Zaragoza Road.

OK, so it is not just Texans who love the orange and white themed burger joint.

San Antonio flying objects

KENS 5’s Sarah Duran reported various lights were witnessed in the San Antonio’s northside all the way to Hondo.

“It looked like it was going straight down, but it was very far away,” eyewitness Kristen Allen said.

Central Texas X-files

Mysterious lights were spotted over Cameron, TX. In this Central Texas X-File report, a YouTube video shows eight to 10 fireball lights from December 2022.

OK, this was not aliens or Santa Claus prepping for his Christmas journey.

The Temple Daily Telegram uncovered the lights came from a nursing home launching floating lanterns.

Aliens, Texas UFOs, UAPs or whatever they’re called at the moment, could just be planes, balloons or drones say experts. However, reports usually describe movements and maneuvers not consistent with conventional aircraft.

Bottom line, the true nature of the objects remains a mystery.

What is not a mystery, is that Locktopia Houston has escape rooms like The Gateway. These escape games will quench your appetite for the unexplained and unusual as you solve special effect laden puzzles! And you might want to meet our giant ego-maniac skull, Jeffrey.

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Houston UFO

UFOs over Houston skies in July 2022?

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