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A bartender, CPA, Realtor, chef & scientist play escape room

Corporate team building escape room

One of the first groups we booked at Locktopia escape room was for a Houston team building exercise for a small CPA firm.

When the owner called to book the escape room, she told me she had never done an escape room before and asked if I thought they would “get out.”

Get your company or business team together for a Houston team building escape room activity!

I told her it’s easier if everyone in your group thinks a little differently, because our puzzles all need a little different logic.

She felt encouraged by that and was excited to see how they would do.

When they arrived, they had a meeting in our party room. As I was getting to know them, they all started to share what their background had been prior to working at the CPA firm.

Turns out, they had very diverse work experiences from pastry chef, scientist…etc. (you get it) and man, did that pay off.

Every one of them did a different piece.

The CPA did the Sudoku style puzzle in minutes, the scientist figured out the phone puzzle in a pretty record time, the pastry chef solved two of the visual puzzles.

One of the most memorable moments is when the bartender walked up to a puzzle that the CPA has been looking at for a few minutes and solved it. I mean just gets it.

She turned to him and said “How did you do that?”

After he gave her his explanation, she exclaimed, “I would NEVER have gotten that.”

Want to see how different the people in your office think? Come do an escape room. I’d love to see how you do! And what you learn about the people around you.


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