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Locktopia Escape Room Houston - Jeffrey with flag

In honor of Presidents’ Day (or is it President’s Day?), we have promo code discounts for our escape rooms for the rest of the month.

Then, one of these promo codes will go away and one will return for March. We have mysteries in our game rooms, and mysteries when it comes to which promo code will still be around next month.

The best thing to do is just use them now!

PROMO CODE: “BigGroup1” – 10% off a game for 6 people or more – (Valid through the end of February 2022)

PROMO CODE: “25off” – 25% off Tuesday and Wednesday Houston escape room games – (Valid through the end of February 2022)

By the way, a Locktopia Escape Room Houston gift voucher would be a great gift.

And when you book at Locktopia Escape Room Houston, your game is private with added COVID-19 safety protocols.

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