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Our commercial starring Jeffrey


This weekend with the big football game on Sunday, TV commercials will be on lots of people’s minds. Well Locktopia didn’t want to be left out.

And our ad isn’t about beer or insurance…this commercial is about a Valentine’s Day discount!

PROMO CODE: “Valentine” – Just because we love you, 5% off two players or more only on Valentine’s Day.

As you can tell, we didn’t spend millions on this ad. In fact, we didn’t even pay thousands. Maybe not even hundreds? Tens? What we did spend was lots of hours!

Naturally it stars Jeffrey, our giant ego-maniacal skull, from our Spellcaster escape room. Jeffrey’s side-kick is the small, unnamed skull on the table near our star. Let the dad jokes flow from there!

Dragon figure at Spellcaster escape room at Locktopia Houston

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