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Our safety protocols are changing


As restrictions are being lifted by the state of Texas, we are adapting our Locktopia Escape Room Houston safety protocols.

  1.  Private only bookings.  No matter if you book for 2 or 10 players, the room is yours. No one you don’t ask along will play with you.  We still think 4 to 8 is the best number, but if you want a date might, it’s your room!
  2. We will continue to space the bookings so that your group will most likely not be in the lobby with another group.  There are instances where a room finishes WAY early, or a group is so excited to escape that they arrive early.  So you may see someone in the lobby with you, but it will be for only a short time. 
  3. We will continue to fully sanitize the rooms with UVC lights daily, because getting rid of germs is never a bad thing right?
  4. You are still able to fill out your waivers online, so you won’t have to wait long in the lobby.  If your waivers are filled out before arriving, then you can show up minutes before your start time, and go directly to your escape adventure!
  5. We will continue to provide hand sanitizer.  
  6. Your game master will not be in the room with you, but will be able to see and talk to you. That means they can hand out clues or instructions for silliness as needed.  So no worries!

What we are changing – 

  1.  Feel free to come in with or without a mask if you are fully vaccinated.  Lobby or rooms, whatever makes you comfortable.  We still encourage people who are not vaccinated to wear a mask in the lobby as per CDC guidelines.
  2. All of our staff is now fully vaccinated.  We will no longer be requiring masks to be worn by our staff, however, we are also giving them the choice of what makes them feel comfortable, so if you see them masked, please respect their choice.

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