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Mother’s Day Houston escape

Mother and daughter at Locktopia Escape Room Houston

Mother’s Day is here, so let’s help our moms escape from the pressure of everyday life.

But what to get that special lady in your life?

You can be like everyone else and search “Top 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas” although that might be too late now. Jeffrey, our giant Spellcaster room skull, says skip those guides and click on our escape room gift guide.

But forget items and think of the experience-based gifts. YOLO!

What are presents that offer experiences you ask? A Houston escape room is one heck of an experience!

Just so happens you are on an escape room website, so WE HAVE A PROMO CODE RIGHT HERE FOR MOM’S GIFT!!!! <———

Here are Jeffrey’s top 10 reasons to play Locktopia Escape Room Houston with your mom as a gift on Mother’s Day:

  1. We have some great Houston escape rooms for all tastes
  2. The escape room discount promo code
  3. Locktopia has COVID-19 safety protocols
  4. We have a Houston party room
  5. She has supported you, now you can support her favorite charity
  6. Observe what mom is like under pressure with wizards and time travel
  7. There is plenty of stuff to do around Locktopia before or after your game
  8. We have plenty of free parking
  9. Our game watchers are there to help you win
  10. Work with mom as a team to solve the game and have a feel good moment

Can’t spend time with mom this weekend, we have you covered with gift vouchers for later play!

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