Guess the 21 movie clues, get discount!

Locktopia 21 horror movie clues

Can you guess the movie clues for a 10% off promo code on one of our Houston escape room gamesThe Spellcaster or Antidote?

We commissioned Houston artist, Summer Belle Puryear, to paint this awesome picture for us.


Now, while it looks amazing, the painting itself is actually a game for you too!  Come on, you know we specialize in games and puzzles, we couldn’t help ourselves!

Since Halloween is just around the corner, Summer added in 21 things that represent movies that are either creepy, gory, have witches/ghosts/goblins, or just make us think of Halloween. 

Can you find all 21 movie clues? 

Send us your correct answers and we’ll give you a code for 10% off any time for one of our escape room games.  Do you dare waaahhhhaaaaaa…..   (yes, we love Halloween).  There might also be candy for the winner, if they come before Halloween night!

Submit your answers to, or by private message on Facebook by October 30th.

The spooky cinema answers will be shared October 31st.

Winners shouldn’t share the answers, that would be totally ghoulish of you.

Locktopia Escape Room wants to save Houston Halloween 2020!

By the way, we are open late on weekends so you can have your own Texas escape room massacre of our mind bending puzzles. No chainsaw needed for this. Just your brains. Keep that last one quiet, because we don’t want any hungry zombies showing up!

So far none of our players have tried to play our escape rooms with scissorhands, but they have played for a lower price of admission early on weekdays!