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kids and family playing at Locktopia Escape Room Houston

How young is too young for kids to play an escape room?

Our answer is, it depends on what parents or caretakers are looking for.


We find that the age of 7 is really the first age that kids seem to be ready to play one of our escape rooms. That’s why we don’t charge for kids under seven years old.

If you want children to be engaged and help solve the game puzzles, then waiting a few years is probably better.

But, if you are looking for a fun night out and you don’t have a babysitter, then bring those children under 7 at no cost to you.

That’s what a lot of our gamer families did during the lockdown.

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None of our escape games are inappropriate for children, and there is no gore or jump scares to frighten little ones.

I would definitely recommend our Spellcaster escape room for kids. It’s more hands on. Children can move things around and manipulate them.

There is a bit of hide and seek in that castle-themed escape room which children love.

However, Jeffrey, our giant skull that talks is in the Spellcaster. Most young ones don’t seem to mind Jeffrey because of the fun of the atmosphere, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Just don’t tell Jeffrey that, he fancies himself an intimidating figure!

Our next recommendation would be The Gateway. It’s an interactive game room with special effects and 3D wall paint!

Then try our Endurance escape room. This is one of our newer games that has different rooms and always impresses as soon as the door opens to enter! And since Endurance is based on a real-life story, your kids might actually learn some history too!

Before you know it, your kids will be ready for Houston dating activities. We have that covered too!

Other advice, listen to your kids in the escape room to see if they have tips for the game puzzle. No matter the age, you might be surprised how they catch things, parents might not. We see children play our games all the time with a unique perspective.

“I have been to a few different escape rooms in the area and this is far and away the cleanest one I have been to. The room we did was rated 6 out of 10 on difficulty and seems about on par with that. We were looking for a room that our kid (under 10) could participate in and feel as though they helped. This room was perfect. Hard enough to make you think but not so hard that the kids stood around bored and confused. Our game master, (John) was nice and helpful. He guided us in a direction when we were close to figuring something out but never ruined the game for us and took the time afterwards to answer a few questions about how we solved a couple of the puzzles. All in all great experience and look forward to coming back without the little one to try the harder room(s). I also would like to add that if you solve the room and escape you get a lock to sign and add to their wall. I personally thought that was a clever touch and nice reward for winning.” – D. Stewart

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