Houston team building

Get your company or business team together for a Houston team building escape room activity!

Houston team building activity Locktopia

Locktopia Escape Room offers Houston team building activities that are unique and fun.

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Many employees have been working from home and only interacting through Zoom meetings. Face to face interactions are quickly becoming important as staff returns to the office.

We offer an activity that can foster relationships through any department.

Think more of a valuable corporate Houston team building experience, less the boss character Michael Scott from NBC’s The Office wasting time in the company conference room!

According to workplace experts, offsite opportunities like team building help build trust, communication, productivity, creativity and acceptance. They also create chances for healthy competition and togetherness.

As featured in Teambuilding.com’s “21 Fun Company Outing Ideas in Houston, TX” in the number 9 spot!


Locktopia Escape Room Houston has lots of free, well-lit parking!


We want to see you win. We’re there to give you hints and clues. No waiting!


Our escape games require brains. Solve puzzles with minds, not muscle.


Are you really locked in our escape room? No. We don’t have jump scares either.

Benefits of Houston team building scenarios

Want to see how different the people in your office think and communicate from the CEO to the new hire? We have a real world example of this in a blog post called “A bartender, CPA, Realtor, chef & scientist play escape room.”

Our multiple escape rooms create a common goal which is to solve a puzzle in an hour. The different themed games foster teamwork and critical thinking among colleagues. Together, teams must solve the puzzles with clues and problem solving.

There are no physical requirements or jump scares and no, you are not really “locked” in our rooms.

Patrick Henry Creative Promotions of Houston employees enjoying Locktopia Escape Room team building activities day!
Patrick Henry Creative Promotions of Houston employees enjoying Locktopia Escape Room team building activities day!

“It was perfect”

“We had a company team building event here and it was perfect!! The staff was super friendly and helpful, Ngoc, Zack & Alyssa thank you so much!”
Amy Parham, PHCP Senior Account Executive

“Great experience”

“Hosted a team building with our team. Everyone loved the challenge. Our game master Hannah was so helpful in getting us set up and guided thru the process. Will be back to do more rooms and collect more locks!”

“Coordinating the event was easy”

“Hosted a corporate team building event at Locktopia, and it was lovely! We had two rooms, and both teams enjoyed the experience. Coordinating the event was easy with Locktopia staff, and Ruby was a phenomenal game master! Definitely recommend.”

“So much fun!”

“I booked Locktopia for a corporate event for 27 people. We used each of their four escape rooms and the teams had so much fun! The escape room I completed with the team was laid our well and the hints were just enough to lead us in the right direction. We all had fun and I’d definitely recommend to other groups. Also a plus that it was easy to get to from the interstate and there was ample parking.”

Houston businesses and groups

The Locktopia’s Escape Room Houston team building program extends outside of corporations.

In addition to large organizations, we also encourage team building exercises for:

  • Small businesses
  • Sports teams
  • Teachers/educators
  • Clubs
  • Church groups
  • Charities

We have a large escape rooms that can handle decent size groups.

Your team can finish the day’s activities in our event room. The Locktopia Houston party room is also available to rent for parties like birthdays, bachelorettes/bachelors, graduations, holidays and other events.

We are ready to help Houston team building

Locktopia is located in professional setting and offers an affordable budget for Houston companies looking for employee team exercises close to home. Locktopia is located near Greenway Plaza, the Texas Medical Center and just down the Southwest Freeway from downtown Houston.

Our staff will be there to help make booking and the day’s big Houston team building event an easy process. Our hours are flexible to accommodate your needs (including on days we are closed).

We can also get you food like pizza. Below are options for cookies and an ice cream truck too!

Locktopia also offers Houston charity support for non-profit organizations. Each month we host a charity to offer help with fundraising.

Bring cookies to your team building day

Cookie discounts

Special cookie menu from our next door neighbor Michael’s Cookie Jar with a 5% off for Locktopia Houston guests.

Contact Locktopia today to book your team building event

Want to know what is around Locktopia that will cater?  We have lots of information for you! Make your Houston team building reservation today!  Just email or call us at 713-588-1705.

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