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Locktopia featured on 88.7 KUHF’s “Houston Matters”

88.7 KUHF Houston Matters features Locktopia Escape Room

Locktopia Escape Room’s COVID-19 safety protocols and efforts to save Halloween 2020 were featured on Houston Public Media News 88.7 KUHF’s “Houston Matters with Craig Cohen” show.

Arts/Culture and Houston Matters Producer, Joshua Zinn, talked with Locktopia owner Vicki Loftis about how our escape rooms were ready for Halloween and every other day.


Here is a partial transcript from the news report:

If you’re looking for an isolated activity this Halloween, it doesn’t get a whole lot more isolated than an escape room where you have to solve a number of puzzles in order to get out of a locked room within a certain time limit. Locktopia Escape Room opened just this year. And as co-owner Vicki Loftis explains, COVID safety protocols are built into the experience.

“We have medical grade UV lights in our ceilings so that we can turn it on and it disinfects the room in general. And then we also, on top of that Clorox wipe every single thing that every single group touches every time between rooms. And we have two entrances so we can send one party out one and in the other. Everybody wears a mask. And we’ve gone completely private. Every room, if you rent the room, it’s only the people you came with. The nice thing is, is if you’re in the room by yourself, there’s nobody in the room with you. So if you’re good with your group and you’ve been quarantined together, you can take off your masks while you’re in the room by yourself.

“I think the biggest compliment we had was a grandmother came to celebrate a birthday with her granddaughter and she was very intimidated. She didn’t want to come in. She wore double masks, she wore gloves. And then about two weeks later, they came in again and she wore one mask and she walked right in and she was very happy. And she was like, I feel comfortable here. I haven’t left my apartment in six months, but I feel comfortable here. So we were very happy with that. And she got to hug her granddaughter, which made us very happy, too.”

Vickie Loftis talking to Josh Zinn of Houston Matters

Also featured in the report about COVID and October 31st were Sugar Land Skeeters baseball team Ryan Posner who talked about Constellation Field’s Halloween Town and the Children’s Museum of Houston’s Director of Educational Technology and Exhibit Development Keith Ostfeld (Mr. O of “O Wow Moments”).

Houston Matters airs on 88.7 KUHF-FM every weekday at 9am.

You can listen to the entire Houston radio show through the audio embed below.

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