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Hot discounts on a cold day!


It’s cold for Houston, but as the streets warm up, escape to savings with Locktopia Escape Room Houston!

If you are a big group looking for an escape from the wintry weather, we have a discount for you!

PROMO CODE: “BigGroup1” – 10% off a game for 6 people or more – (Valid through the end of February 2022)

Those looking for an escape from the beginning of the week will want to check out our mid-week deals!

PROMO CODE: “25off” – 25% off Tuesday and Wednesday Houston escape room games – (Valid through the end of February 2022)

Now we know our Endurance escape room looks cold, but we’ll make sure to turn up the heat that won’t melt those Antarctic special effects! Before you come, make sure to watch this documentary on the real-life events that inspired this exclusive game!

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