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HISD holidays are Jeffrey inservice days

Locktopia Escape Room HISD

Escape HISD classes with Jeffrey at Locktopia Escape Room since the Houston Independent School District has a Teacher Service Day and Fall holiday on October 4 and 5, 2022!


On this Jeffrey inservice day, you can challenge your brain with puzzles, learn history and see what friends/family members are really made of.

Yes, we are in Halloween season, but don’t worry, we are spooky, but without the jump scares. After years of escape games, we think 7 years old is really the first age that kids seem to be ready to play one of our games. In fact, we don’t charge for kids under seven years old.

Since it’s Jeffrey inservice day, let’s start with the our Spellcaster escape room. This castle-themed escape room is more hands on and kids can move things around with a hint of a hide and seek game.

Our Gateway room transports you to another dimension with 3D wall paint and aliens!

Exclusive to Locktopia, the Endurance room is based on a real story so there is a history lesson there.

Then there is the science lab of the Antidote that will be the most challenging for your favorite student!

Most of all, listen to your kids in the escape room because you might be surprised by the puzzle solving ideas!

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