Halloween Houston 2022

Houston Halloween escape room games with Locktopia all through October. We’re spooky, but not too scary!

We have wizards, dragons, skulls, castles, shipwrecks, UFOs, other dimensions, aliens, steam punk labs, mad scientists…all right here in Houston!

Countdown to October 31, 2022!

Houston haunted ghosts

Top 5 Houston haunted buildings

Haunted Houston spots are more common than you might think! Dare to read our list and the ghost stories associated with buildings you might pass all the time and never know what is happening on the inside! Read more

Houston bats

Top 5 bat Houston locations

Houston is great place to watch bats believe it or not. Sure, Austin’s Congress Avenue Bridge might be one of the most batty areas in Texas, but we’re holding our own in the Bayou City. Read more

Houston Halloween

Top Halloween movies and candy in Texas

Coco is Texas’ favorite spooky children’s movie and Starbursts are the Lone Star State’s favorite candy according to two recent scary polls. Read more

Houston UFO

UFOs over Houston skies in July 2022?

Houston TV reports say that around 10:30pm, Sunday July 24, 2022, bright lights were over the Texas skies. Read more

Houston UFO

Houston UFO sightings

Are Houston UFO sightings the reason our fine city earned the alien sounding moniker of “Space City?”  Read more

kids and family playing at Locktopia Escape Room Houston

Kid’s Houston escape room

How young is too young for kids to play an escape room? Our answer is, it depends on what parents or caretakers are looking for. Read more

Houston Halloween parties and team building activities

Halloween Party

"My 11 year old daughter had a Halloween party with her friends. They did everything and made sure that kids had a blast. This wasn’t our first visit and definitely won’t be the last one. We definitely recommend people to visit and experience the fun of this place."

Need a spooky party room or haunted team building space? Escape the norm with Locktopia Houston!

2022 Southwest Houston Halloween activities around Locktopia

- The Great Pumpkin Hunt Bellaire
- Zoo Boo
- Children's Museum of Houston
- ArBOOretum at the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center
- 2022 Pumpkin Patches Around Houston guide

Spooky Houston videos

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