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Trying to figure out how your co-workers or employees really “work” together? A Locktopia escape room can really solve that puzzling question for you in a very fun team building activity!


Trust us, we’ve learned a few things about work psychology without the years of school (we don’t cost you that much either).

After watching people solve puzzles day after day, we escape room game masters know people have vastly different ways of thinking, solving issues and coming up with workable conclusions.

Besides that, teambuilding.com just named Locktopia Escape Room to its “21 Fun Company Outing Ideas in Houston, TX!” We are honored.

Aside from our escape rooms being a recognized Houston team building activity, we’re here to tell you that a business can test drive employee reactions to problems through playing our rooms!

It’s why we suggest that you have at least four people in our escape rooms. Different people think differently, and if you have two people who think alike, they are only going to get parts of the puzzles.

Throw in four to five game players, you’ll find different ways of logical thinking, which means more solving and less reliance on the game master.

I’m sure you’ve heard the one about a bartender, CPA, Realtor, chef & scientist play escape room, right?

Now add this understanding to your work environment. Do you know who has similar logic process and who has a completely different one? No? Well, come to Locktopia to find out!

Instead of just thinking about how to solve puzzles, pay attention to who is with you when they are solved. Are you and a co-worker working well together, following each other’s logic, and coming up with the answer together? Even if it takes a few tries? This is your details person. This is the person you go to when you mostly have something solved, but you need to work through it with someone to help you put the details in place.

Then try to remember the people who managed to solve a puzzle, and not only did you NOT follow their logic, but maybe you still can’t figure out how they did it. That person has a significantly different logic method than you do. What does that mean at work? This is the person you go to when you are completely stuck. They are the person you tell, “I can’t do this, with your different brain, look at this and get at from a different angle.” Maybe you won’t be surprised when they can come up with a solution that you wouldn’t have thought of.

Think you need to identify these people in your workplace?

Don’t worry we have four Houston escape rooms to help you figure your employees/teammates out!

Plus, your company or small business will love you for a fun day out.

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