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Has virtual learning made your kids “virtually” done with schoolwork? Let our game rooms help you escape from online school and all of that computer time (Here are 13 tips for virtual schooling at home for an added bonus).

Paying attention while learning is hard enough in a normal classroom, but having to do virtual learning at home with dogs barking, UPS delivery at the door, and snacks in the other room, makes it even harder!

Yep, we are Houston parents too and completely understand.

Locktopia Escape Room has a brand new Houston party room
Do you want to find a fun way for your organization to get together, or just do an easy fund raiser in these uncertain times?

Did you know that our Houston escape rooms requires logic, and working together?

Our puzzles can also help educational pod students get some more outside stimulation!

The “Antidote” escape room has math with time travel mixed in and a science lab.

Do you remember the orders of operation? Because as an adult I had to look it up. PEMDAS that!

Our escape room games also rely on reading comprehension, AND you are required to pay attention for an entire hour! No screens or virtual learning whining from kids involved!

Get the kids out of the house and let them escape from virtual learning by having them come play with us at Locktopia Houston! Your children might not even realize they are learning!

Best yet, there are no screens involved!


We even have escape room COVID-19 sanitation policies in place for your safety.

Check out our reviews from our players.

Also, make sure to check out our great position on six kid friendly ideas for summer in Houston by KPRC 2’s Houston Life and Mommy Nearest.

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