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Escape 2020 with extra game days!

Houston escape room 2021

Jeffrey, the giant skull in our Spellcaster escape room, is looking to help us escape from 2020 and get ready for 2021!

His ego is the size of his big head, so go figure Jeffrey is making 2021 all about him!

To help us all get out of 2020 as fast as possible, we are letting you escape extra days this week!

Locktopia Escape Room Houston is open extra days on Monday and Tuesday this week!

We will be closing early on New Year’s Eve and will be closed on New Year’s Day.

So BOOK NOW to get your Houston escape room game on and help us all say goodbye to 2020!

While you’re here, check out our Houston escape room promo code page for discounts! We are still offering gift voucher discounts through the end of this year.

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