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New rooms The Gateway & Endurance now open!

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Remember David Letterman’s top 10 list?

Well, Jeffrey, our giant skull in our Spellcaster Escape Room, thinks he’s a real comedian and wants to make his own list! Someone needs to take the laptop away from him.

Here are Jeffrey’s top 10 reasons to play Locktopia Escape Room Houston for Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday fun:

  1. Enough reading and watching about wizards, it’s now time to enter their castle and beat them!
  2. It’s a great Houston date spot. Even during the day.
  3. We have a time machine in the Antidote Escape Room.
  4. Like steampunk stuff? We do too.
  5. It beats watching daytime cable news with your parents.
  6. You’ve built all you can with digital blocks, determined sus players and one obby is starting to look like another.
  7. You get to actually touch real stuff – no touchpad, keyboard, or controller required!
  8. Beat our puzzles and you have bragging rights to make people think you are smart and stuff. Just don’t brag too much like Jeffrey would!
  9. Only play with your friends and family.
  10. You get to watch Jeffrey (figures he slipped this one in).

Take advantage and play our brand new rooms The Gateway and Endurance! Thanks for all of the praise concerning our newest games!

We also offer party rooms, team building and gift vouchers.

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