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Our new room Endurance is open!

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Social distancing Houston escape room game. Only other players in the room come with you. Staff members are not in the game room with you. Book online for even more limited contact.

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Ship wheels spinning from the Endurance escame room at Locktopia Houston
Locktopia Houston Endurance Escape Room spinning ship wheels

Endurance (NEW!)

An exclusive Locktopia escape game, based on a true story...In 1914, the intrepid explorer Ernest Shackleton, and the brave crew of the Endurance, left England to attempt the first Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Your mission is to enter the ice shaft, find the lost ship Endurance, and determine what happened to both crews.


| 1 HOUR


Locktopia Houston Spellcaster Escape Room


Only you can restore balance to Space City! Failure to do so will allow Dark Raven’s wicked spell to extinguish the sun, plunging Houston into eternal darkness! Also, meet Jeffrey!


| 1 HOUR


Locktopia Houston Antidote Escape Room gear
Locktopia Houston Antidote Escape Room gear


You are scientists sent into a retro/sci-fi lab near the Texas Medical Center in southwest Houston. You soon discover the laboratory holds the antidote which will help save a great time traveler/scientist from the past.


| 1 HOUR


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Houston, we have an escape game room...

Are you tired of virtual games? Looking for real world fun for adults and kids (ages 9 and up)?

Locktopia Escape Room Houston is one of the newest Inner-Loop 610 escape rooms complete with next-generation games.

We are a Houston-owned family business that wants to challenge you to an interactive adventure that dumps the screen-time for In Real Life fun at our southwest Houston escape room near West University, Bellaire, Meyerland and Westbury.

Gather friends and family to solve challenging puzzles and mysteries in these Texas escape rooms.

Think fast on your feet, since you only have 60 minutes to complete the mission and escape the rooms.

You'll need critical thinking and teamwork to solve the puzzles.

And no, you are not really locked in the escape rooms.

Questions? We have answers.

A Houston escape room is the perfect activity for:

Family and friends playing Houston escape room


Date nights at Houston escape room

Date nights

Birthday parties at Houston escape room

Birthday parties

Corporate team building events at Houston escape room

Team building

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Private bookings only. No one will be allowed to join your game. We have a minimum charge of three people per booking.

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Locktopia Escape Room Houston has lots of free, well-lit parking!


We want to see you win. We're there to give you hints and clues. No waiting!


Our escape games require brains. Solve puzzles with minds, not muscle.


Are you really locked in our escape room? No. We don't have jump scares either.